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Step-By-Step Guide: How to Use Text in Cricut Design Space

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Use Text in Cricut Design Space

Designing with Cricut offers endless possibilities, and learning how to use text in Cricut Design Space opens you to the opportunity of being creative. This core feature allows users to add personalized touches to their designs, whether it is designing custom gifts, decor, or personal projects. With access to various fonts and the ability to manipulate text, the potential to create unique and compelling designs is at one's fingertips.

This guide will walk readers through each step of adding and customizing text in their projects, from opening Cricut Design Space and starting a new project to learning to use advanced features like the Curve tool. Built for both beginners and experienced designers, the journey towards mastering text manipulation in Design Space promises to enhance the way users approach their Cricut designing projects.

Opening Cricut Design Space and Starting a New Project:

To begin on your creative journey with Cricut Design Space, the initial step involves setting up a new project. Here is a straightforward guide to get you started:

Initiating a New Project:

Navigate to the design panel within Cricut Design Space.

Click the 'New' or 'plus' icon. A prompt may appear if there are unsaved changes in your previous project, giving you the option to save or replace it with a new canvas.

Adding Content to Your Canvas:

With a blank canvas ready, you can begin to personalize it by adding images, shapes, or text.

To insert text, click on the 'Text' tool in the design panel. This enables you to start typing directly onto your canvas.

Saving and Sharing Your Project:

After adding your desired elements, click 'Save' to name and store your project.

Projects are set to 'Public' by default, allowing you to share the URL with others. However, any changes made by others will require saving to their own Cricut account to protect your original design.

System Requirements:

To enjoy great experience, ensure your device meets the following requirements:

Windows: Windows 8 or later, 4GB RAM, and 2GB of free disc space.

Mac: macOS 10.15 or later, 4GB RAM, and 2GB of free disc space.

Performance may vary based on your computer’s CPU, memory, and available hard drive space.

Selecting and Formatting Text:

To add and format text in Cricut Design Space, follow these simple steps:

Adding Text:

Click on 'Text' in the Design Panel.

Double-click the text box to start typing.

The Text Toolbar will appear, offering various options such as font, style, size, letter spacing, line spacing, alignment, curve, and advanced tools.

Choosing Fonts:

Cricut vs. System Fonts: Cricut Fonts are designed by Cricut and include both free and paid options. System Fonts are the fonts already installed on your device. Note that System Fonts might not cut as well due to their complexity.

Font Filters: Utilize filters like My Fonts (Desktop) / Purchased (Mobile), Multi-Layer Fonts, Single-Layer Fonts, Free Fonts (Mobile), and Writing Fonts to find the perfect font for your project.

Formatting Text:

Size and Spacing: Adjust the size by dragging corner and side handles. Modify letter and line spacing using the Text Toolbar.

Alignment and Curve: Align text to the left, center, or right. Use the Curve tool to add a creative twist to your text.

Advanced Features: Explore advanced options like ungrouping letters for individual editing, attaching text for movement as one item, and welding text into one shape.

Remember, for script fonts, it is crucial to join the text together before cutting to ensure a continuous cut. Also, when planning to write with a Cricut, select a font with a writing style.

Adjusting Spacing and Alignment:

To achieve the perfect layout and readability in your Cricut Design Space project, adjusting spacing and alignment is key. Here's how to fine-tune these elements for a professional-looking design:

Adjusting Spacing:

Letter Spacing: Utilize the 'Letter Spacing' tool to modify the distance between characters. For tighter kerning, decrease the spacing by clicking the down arrow; to increase spacing, click the up arrow. This is particularly useful for script fonts where letters need to connect seamlessly.

Line Spacing: The 'Line Spacing' option adjusts the vertical distance between lines of text. Use the up arrow to expand the space for better readability or the down arrow to bring lines closer for a compact look.

Alignment and Size Adjustments:

Text Box Resizing: Change the text box size by dragging the middle rectangular handles. This will not alter the text size but it will adjust the wrapping and alignment within the box.

Text Alignment: Choose from left, center, right, or justified alignment to position your text suitably on the canvas. The alignment tool is crucial for setting the text in harmony with other design elements.

Proportion Control: Maintain or alter text proportions by toggling the lock icon between the width and height fields in the Edit toolbar. For specific adjustments, use the arrow buttons or enter values directly.

In this video, we will show you how to use text in Cricut Design Space. You can learn step by step on how to use text or font to make beautiful projects. Perfect for beginners or anyone.


How can I add text to a project in Cricut Design Space?

To insert text into your project, click on the Text icon, which will add the word "Text" highlighted on the Canvas. You can then begin typing to replace it with your desired text.

What is the process for creating written text in Cricut Design Space?

To write text in Cricut Design Space, you would typically use the text tool to add your desired text and then utilize the writing feature to have your Cricut machine write it out with a pen.

How do I fill in my text with color or patterns in Cricut Design Space?

To fill in your text, select it and then click on the Offset tool. While you would normally move the slider to the right to create a border, for filling in, you'll move the slider to the left to create an inset. After adjusting the slider, click "Apply" to fill in your text.

How can I make my Cricut write in solid lines rather than creating an outline?

To have your Cricut write in solid lines, you'll need to ensure that the text is set to 'Write' instead of 'Cut'. This way, your machine will produce written text without the outline effect.

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