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How to Use Slice in Cricut Design Space

How to Use Slice in Cricut Design Space

The Cricut Design Space software provides a range of features to help you create unique and personalized designs. One of the most powerful yet often misunderstood tools is the "Slice" function. This article will guide you through the fundamentals of using the Slice feature in Cricut Design Space, showing you how to utilize it in various scenarios.


Getting Familiar with the Slice Tool

The Slice tool in Cricut Design Space is a adoptable feature that allows you to cut one image or shape out of another, transforming two overlapping layers into separate shapes. It is associated to using a cookie cutter on a sheet of dough. The Slice tool creates new cut paths from two images, resulting in three or more entirely new shapes. Each of these new shapes will show up in the layers panel as an individual layer.

Locating the Slice Tool

On a desktop computer (Mac or PC), the Slice tool can be found at the bottom of the Layers Panel on the left. It is represented by an icon that features an overlapping circle and square. For mobile users (iOS and Android), the Slice tool can be found under the Actions menu.

Understanding the Slice Tool Rules

The Slice tool is not complicated to use, but it does come with certain guidelines that you need to be aware of:

  • Only Works with Two Layers: The Slice tool can only be used with two layers. It will not work with a single layer or more than two layers. If anything other than two layers are selected, the Slice tool will be grayed out.

  • Overlapping Layers Required: The shapes or images need to overlap for the Slice tool to work. If there is no overlapping, the Slice tool will not perform any action.

  • Results in Multiple Layers: When you use the Slice tool, you end up with more layers than you initially had. You can delete any layers that you do not need.

  • No Un-slicing: Slicing is a permanent action. There is no option to un-slice an image once it is being sliced.

How to Slice a Shape Out of a Larger Shape

To illustrate how to use the Slice tool, we consider a simple example where you want to cut a smaller shape out of a larger shape.

Let us assume you have two overlapping shapes, a large circle and a smaller square. To slice the square out of the circle:

  1. Ensure the square is on top of the circle and select both shapes.
  2. Click on the Slice tool.
  3. As a result, the square will be cut out of the circle, creating a circular shape with a square hole in it. The square that was sliced out will also be available as a separate shape.

Creating New Shapes with the Slice Tool

Another excellent use of the Slice tool is to create new shapes not found in the Basic Shapes menu. For instance, suppose you want to create a crescent moon shape, which is not included in the Basic Shapes. Use the below steps:

  1. Draw two overlapping circles.
  2. Select both circles.
  3. Click on the Slice tool.
  4. The area where the circles overlap will be sliced out, leaving you with a crescent moon shape.

Trimming Shapes Using Slice

The Slice tool can also be used to trim or cut off unwanted parts of shapes. Suppose you have a complex shape, and you want to remove a certain part of it.

  1. Draw a shape (e.g., a rectangle) over the part of the complex shape you want to remove.
  2. Select both the complex shape and the rectangle.
  3. Click on the Slice tool.
  4. The rectangle will be cut out of the complex shape, effectively removing the unwanted part.

Common Slice Issues and Solutions

Sometimes, you may encounter issues while trying to use the Slice tool. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

  • Slice Tool Is Grayed Out: If the Slice tool is grayed out, it is likely because you have more than two layers selected. The Slice tool only works with two layers. To solve this, ensure that only two layers are selected.

  • Unexpected Results After Slicing: If you are getting unexpected results after slicing, it may be because the shapes were not properly overlapped. Ensure that the shapes or images you want to slice are overlapping correctly.

By understanding the Slice tool in Cricut Design Space and how to use it effectively, you can create personalized designs with ease. Whether you are creating a stencil, crafting a unique shape, or trimming an unwanted part of a design, the Slice tool can be a powerful ally in your design process.

In todays video, we will show you how to use slice tool in Cricut Design Space. This tool is great for making custom designs. It helps to cut one shape out of another shape. Learn step by step about this tool, perfect for beginners or anyone.

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