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How To Download & Use Clipart Files

How To Download & Use Clipart Files

Clipart files are one of our favorite things in the world. You can use them for many different purposes like designing a thank-you card, creating a logo as well as customizing a product, among many other things.

If you’re looking for information and tips about using clipart files, you’ve landed in the right place. Keep on reading to learn everything you need to start downloading and using free clipart files.

Downloading Free Clipart Files

Downloading clipart bundle files is very easy, and all you have to do is log in to your Art Bubbles account or create one if you don’t already have one. If this is your first time on our website, you can create your account here, and you’ll need to provide your full name, email address, and password you choose.

Once you log in, select the best clipart bundle for your project and click “free download”. This will start the download of the free clipart files. After a few seconds, you can find a ZIP folder on your computer which you’ll have to unzip to access the clipart files.

Using Clipart Files

Using clipart files is easy peasy, and since they come in PNG format (Portable Network Graphics) you don’t have to worry about removing their background. If you did not know, PNG files have a transparent background, making them perfect for graphic design and adding them basically anywhere you want.

Taking as an example our beloved Boho Rainbow Clipart Bundle PNG, when you download the free clipart files you’ll receive 20 high-resolution PNG files with transparent backgrounds. Depending on the clipart bundle you choose, you can get more or fewer PNG files.

What Can I Do With Clipart Files?

The million-dollar question, what can I do with clipart files? We just talked about using clipart files, but where can they be used and what can you really do with them? 

The answer is, you decide! There are many different things you can do with free clipart files such as creating a personalized card for a friend, adding them to your document files, using them to stamp a t-shirt, and more. The list goes on forever.

Thanks to their transparent background and high resolution, you can use them for various purposes, all for free.

Finding The Best Clipart Bundle Files

Now that you know how to download and use clipart files, it is time to find the best clipart bundle for your project.

Art Bubbles has a wide catalog of free clipart files you should check out. From seasonal-themed files for Christmas, Halloween, and New Year’s to simple designs like the rainbow bundle we mentioned above.

We also encourage you to visit our blog for more useful articles like this one. There you can find a curated selection of the best tips and tricks for graphics as well.

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