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How To Customize A Notebook With Sublimation Files

How To Customize A Notebook With Sublimation Files

Sublimated notebooks are far beyond popular, and there are millions of different designs and combinations to choose from. Whether you’re looking to sublimate your own designs or want to start your sublimation business, this article is for you.

In this post, you’ll learn how to easily customize a notebook with quality sublimation files. Including how to download the files, the materials you’ll need, as well as the entire process, and where to find the best sublimation designs.

Choose Quality Sublimation Files

Before jumping to buy one (or more) notebooks and find the proper printer, let’s talk about choosing quality sublimation files.

It is essential that you select a high-quality sublimation file to ensure the design looks great. You can check the quality of a sublimation file in the description, and if you’re not very familiar with the numbers, just stick to the estimated dimensions of the design.

For example, this Give Thanks PNG, Thanksgiving Sublimation is saved at 12"×12”, which you can modify to your liking, and should be kept at that size approximately to not lose the quality of the file.

Gather Your Materials

Whether you want to sublimate a notebook for yourself or have the desire to start a small business, this part is very important to read.

For home-friendly sublimation, gather the best sublimation designs you have, a sublimation-appropriate notebook, heat press, sublimation printer with sublimation ink, sublimation paper as well as heat-resistant tape, butcher tape, pencil, and scissors.

If you’re planning on making a living out of sublimating notebooks, we recommend you invest in a paper trimmer and a quality sublimation printer. There are ways to make your normal printer a sublimation one though you can find them all over the internet. 

Get Ready To Print

The moment of truth. After gathering your materials, you’re ready to start printing, and to do this, follow the steps below.

First, you should measure your notebook and decide how big or small you want your sublimation to be. Once you decide, open a design software and size your free sublimation file to fit the notebook. 

Print the design with the sublimation printer and sublimation ink and place it on top of your notebook, securing it with heat-resistant tape.

Use the heat press to set your design in place for around 60 seconds at 400°F. After this part is done, wait for the notebook to cool down and gently peel off the sublimation paper.

You’re done! Enjoy your wonderful sublimated notebook.

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