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Licensing refers to the legal permission granted by the rights holder to use their intellectual property, such as designs or artwork. It is important because it ensures that you have the necessary rights and permissions to use the content in your projects without infringing on the creator's rights.

ArtBubbles offers two types of licenses: Free License and Premium License. The Free License has certain usage requirements and attribution obligations, while the Premium License provides more flexibility and removes the need for attribution in certain cases.

With the Free License, you can use the designs for both personal and commercial projects. However, attribution to ArtBubbles is required when using the designs.

The Premium License allows you to use the designs for personal and commercial projects without the need for attribution. It also provides additional perks such as full print-on-demand (POD) usage, embroidery digitizing rights, and more.

Yes, you can modify the designs under both the Free and Premium licenses to suit your specific needs and projects.

No, under both licenses, you are not allowed to resell or share the licensed designs as standalone files. The designs are intended for use in your projects, but not for redistribution.

Yes, with the Premium Annual Plan, you can use the designs for print-on-demand services. This allows you to create and sell products featuring the designs through POD platforms.

While the licenses provide considerable freedom, there are some restrictions. For example, using the designs for defamatory, offensive, harmful, or abusive materials is not permitted.

Yes, you can upgrade your license from Free to Premium by subscribing to the Premium License plan offered by ArtBubbles.

If you cancel your Premium License subscription, you may no longer have access to the premium features and benefits associated with the license. However, the designs you downloaded and used during your subscription can still be used within the terms of the Free License.

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